In 2001

the merger of two of South Africa’s most successful player management agencies resulted in the formation of Prosport International. With that historic event the new organisation launched its’ logo, which existed in its original form until 2018.

The gold circle

depicted the ultimate prize in sport, a gold medal, reserved only for champions and thus encouraging all of our clients to strive to do their best both on and off the field of play in search of greatness.

Two “arms”

in navy blue, the colour which represents freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, loyalty, stability and inspiration. The symbols depict the two different divisions in Prosport, that of soccer and rugby.

...Over the years

of its’ dynamic existence, Prosport has become one of the leading sports management companies on the African continent. Our expansion has taken us into new geographical regions throughout the globe. We have opened new avenues within the sports industry through the launch of our sponsorship, marketing, hospitality and events divisions, with our client management expertise overflowing into cricket, horseracing and celebrity management.
This increase in the bouquet of services that Prosport offers to the industry has persuaded us to launch a new logo; one that retains the essence and culture of the original but with subtle changes depicting our shift in activity and ambition.

The colours

are the same but brighter, in sync with our vision of a brighter and bolder future.

The “arms”

completely enclose the inner circle, representing the transformation to a total sports management offering as opposed to our original two – fold offering.
Our new logo heralds the beginning of a new and exciting era at Prosport International.